Known Worlds

Known Worlds

The number of inhabited planets in the Commonwealth is mind-numbing. However, we have listed here some of the most influential worlds known to us. More will be added hereafter.

In addition to planets, many sentients live on drifts, orbital habitats, and other space-based settlements. Some of these are affiliated with larger, planet-based governments, while others are self-governed or owned by private companies or individuals. Here are a few of the millions of inhabited space habitats scattered across the Three Galaxies.

NOTE: Wherever possible, the Commonwealth-era information here has been updated with new data from the Eureka Maru database and other sources or gathered by the Andromeda Ascendant during our missions. However, since reliable scientific data is difficult to come by in these times, some of the more recent entries should not be regarded as totally reliable.

Acheron - Inhabited by the Drago-Karzov Pride to collect revenue and enforce the Andromeda Galaxy blockade

Arazia - Destitute, war-torn world in the grip of a crime wave

Arzawa II - No native species

Brandenburg Tor - Devastated by Magog invasion

Castalia - Second governent to sign the charter for a restored Systems Commonwealth

Diphda V - Heavily urbanized center of trade and commerce

Dyhedra III - A once famous tourist destination

Earth - Homeworld of the Human species

Enga's Redoubt - Homeworld to the Drago-Kazov Pride

Enkindu - Battleground for the Sabra and Jaguar Nietzschean Prides

Fountainhead - Homeworld of the Nietzschean offshoot of Humanity

Halcyon - One of the brightest spots in its devastated region of space

Hephaistos IV - Site of the first battle of the Nietzschean Uprising

Herodotus - Largely abandoned system

Infinity Atoll - Homeworld of the amphibious Bamiya species

Kalderash - Homeworld of the Kaldera

Krishnamurti - A main center of Wayist learning and activity

Krrendar IV - Original homeworld of the Nightsider species, now uninhabitable to oxygen breathing lifeforms and ceded to the Pyrians

Machen Alpha - Famous for producing some of the most advanced artificial intelligence entities in known space

Makrai VII - Primary home of the Makra

Midden - Key supplier of agricultural products to Enga's Redoubt

Mobius - Former world of the Great Compass Venetri, whose whereabouts are unknown

New Krrendar - Inhabited by Nightsider refugees

Pythia - Isolated planet being terraformed and settled by the Than Hegemony

San-Ska-Re - Homeworld of the Than-Thre-Kull species

Schopenhauer's World - Frontline battleground for the Nietzschean Jaguar and Sabra Prides

Sinti - Home to one of the last remaining off-world Perseid settlements

Tarn-Vedra - Capital of the Systems Commonwealth

Ugroth - Original homeworld of the Perseids, largely abandoned by them



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