Known Worlds > Arazia



Location: Greater Magellanic Cloud
Diameter: 17,450 km
Water coverage: 57%
Climate: Temperate to tropical
Population: 1.2 billion (71% human, 12% Perseid, 7% Umbrite, 6% Tonkin, 4% miscellaneous)

Other Details: While the privacy-obsessed Arazians (famous for the chador-like shrouds worn by their upper class) were reliable citizens for the Commonwealth, the Magog and Nietzschean attacks as well as various interstellar disease epidemics suffered during the last 300 years have turned Arazia against contact with the outside universe. This means that reliable information on Arazian current events is scarce, though the planet seems to be in the grip of a crime wave that has resulted in the Arazian government contracting with private penal corporations to ship prisoners off-world. How such a destitute and war-torn world finds the resources to dispose of their criminal element in such a byzantine manner remains a mystery.




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