Known Worlds > Herodotus



Location: Kaa Arm, Andromeda Galaxy
Diameter: 9400 km
Water coverage: 74%
Climate: Varied
Population: 284,000 (98% Kalderan, 2% miscellaneous)

Other Details: Once a pleasant if nondescript Kalederan colony world, Herodotus has become a tragic casualty of war. Due to its strategic location, Herodotus was the site of one of the last major battles of the Nietzschean Uprising. Recently gathered information indicates that the planet was desrtoyed when the High Guard starship Pax Magellanic (XMC-1-913) fired its Slipstream exotic matter pulser directly at the world, opening a rift in space-time that ripped Herodotus to shreds. The system has remained largely abandoned for three centuries.






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