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Hephaistos IV

Location: Perseus Arm, Milky Way Galaxy
Diameter: 11,890 km
Water coverage: 54%
Climate: Semi-arid to desert
Population: 475 million (71% Nietzschean, 17% human, 10% Perseid, 2% miscellaneous)
Update: Population as of CY 10087: 0


Previous Information: Once a thriving if anonymous Nietzschean colony world and trade center, Hephaistos IV achieved notoriety as the site of the first battle of the Nietzschean Uprising (see Literature: The Nietzschean Betrayal). It's unclear whether the Nietzscheans actually moved or created the small black hole in Hephaistos or took advantage of an existing natural occurence, but the wandering singularity proved to be an excellent ruse to gather an enormous battle fleet and destroy large numbers of High Guard capital ships. By the time Hephaistos IV was torn apart by the black hole's gravitational stresses in CY 9811, the planet's original population had long since evacuated. The Hepahaistos black hole remains in the system, and was most recently the site of several experiments conducted by a Sinti research group and Andromeda Ascendant crew into quantum entanglement-related phenomena.




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