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Drifts, Orbital Habitats

Here are a few of the millions of inhabited space habitats scattered across the Three Galaxies.

NOTE: Wherever possible, the Commonwealth-era information here has been updated with new data from the Eureka Maru database and other sources or gathered by the Andromeda Ascendant during our missions. However, since reliable scientific data is difficult to come by in these times, some of the more recent entries should not be regarded as totally reliable.

Albequerque Drift - Lawless and dangerous Drift settlement

El Dorado Drift - One of the few outposts of civlization and high technology left in the Milky Way Galaxy's Orion Arm

Guard Station 92916 - Former High Guard starport and repair facility

Mendocino Drift - Handsomely constructed drifttown in the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy

Pierpont Drift - A huge, prosperous city of millions

Starlight and Stillwater Orbital Monastery - Located on a large asteroid in the Omicron Theta System

Scheherezade Drift - One of the oldest continuously inhabited Drifts in known space

Topeka Drift - A popular way station and meeting place

Volsung Aerie Orbital Platform - Used by the Nietzschean Volsung Pride as a headquarters

Winnipeg Drift - Located astride a major Slipstream nexus connecting the Andromeda Galaxy with the Greater Magellanic Cloud



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