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Infinity Atoll

Location: Milky Way Galaxy
Diameter: 12,870 km
Water coverage: 89%
Climate: Tropical
Population: 51 million (75% Bamiya, 14% human, 6% Nightsider, 5% miscellaneous)

Other Details: The home of sentient amphibious species the Bamiya, this pleasant aquatic world was less severly impacted than most during the Long Night. In fact, Infinity Atoll continues to host the famous Pan Galactic Surfing Championship every three years, thanks to the generosity of local Free Trade Alliance boss and surfing enthusiast Ronnie "Big Kahuna" Poipu. In CY 10084, a Nightsider-owned mineral extraction venture began to strip mine the planet's delicate marine floor, doing considerable damage to the aquatic ecosystems before its machines were destroyed by Restorian terrorist attacks.



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