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Arzawa II

Location: Greater Magellanic Cloud
Diameter: 13,110 km
Water coverage: 95%
Climate: Varied
Population: 120 million (33% human, 28% Perseid, 21% Than, 15% Vedran, 3% miscellaneous)
Update: Arzawa II is now a world belonging to the Than Hegemony. Mostly inhabited by humans living in modified Than mating groups and caste structures, Arzawa II maintains a largely resource-based economy which provides the other planets in the Hegemony with fish and other marine products. In CY 10065, Arzawa was the site of a vicious pogrom against its Nightsider population, a minority blamed by many for the depletion of the planet's fisheries.


Previous Information: Famous for its beautiful beaches and vast, global ocean, Arzawa II has no native sentient species, but a seemingly endless supply of edible aquatic lifeforms. It has for centuries been a favorite vacation spot for water-loving Commonwealth citizens and provides a less-crowded alternative to other popular vacation locales. The Hatti archipelago, near the Arzawan equator, is the location of a major High Guard shore station which supports its gigantic orbital spaceports and drydock facilities.


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