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The current status of the Vedrans remains a mystery due to the disappearance of Tarn-Vedra from the Slipstream during the Nietzschean uprising. The few Vedrans trapped off-world when their home planet became inaccessible have long since died, and it is unknown whether Tarn-Vedra itself remains inhabited. The fanciful accounts of post-Fall Tarn Vedra provided by the so-called "Mad Perseid Navigator" Hasturi should not be regarded as reliable.

Physical Characteristics
Physically, the Vedrans look vaguely like centaurs from ancient Earth mythology, with four powerful legs and a humanoid upper body (in fact, some scholars theorize that centaur myths may originate from an early Vedran visit to Earth.) Their lower bodies and heads are covered with feathery down. Males sport long, brightly colored crests of feathers which cover their heads and spines.

Reproductive Method
A sexually dimorphic species, Vedran males tend to be less intelligent and more agressive than females. Male Vedrans outnumber females by approximately six to one and each female typically keeps several Vedran males in her family unit, with the Prime male having mating privileges, while the other males perform helper functions.

Vedrans are matriarchal, owing loyalty to the female head of their particular herd. A Vedran male first owes loyalty to his mother's herd, then his mate's. Herds are organized into tribes and tribes into nations with all Vedran nations owing loyalty to the Empress, the head of their species.

Vedrans are native to Tarn-Vedra, a star in the core of the Andromeda galaxy. Vedran females rarely leave their homeworld, but Vedran males travel far and wide in search of the adventure and experience that leads to higher status back home.

Social Characteristics
As founders of the Systems Commonwealth, Vedrans are one of the most powerful and influential races in the history of interstellar travel. The Vedra were the first known species to discover slipstream drive, and were a highly advanced starfaring civilization while Humans were still laying the foundations of Stonehenge, and the Than were building hives from their own mucous secretions. Once an aggressive, warlike people, Vedran society gradually evolved into its present benevolent state. It is with sincere gratitude and affection that the Commonwealth keeps the Vedran Empress as titular head of not just the Vedra, but all sentient citizens.



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