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Location: Paa Core, Andromeda Galaxy
Diameter: 11,930
Water coverage: 64%
Climate: Temperate to subarctic
Population: 14 billion (92% Vedran, 5% Perseid, 2% human, 1% miscellaneous)
Update: Since being cut off from the Slipstream during the Nietzschean Uprising, the fate of Tarn-Vedra and its inhabitants remains a complete mystery.

Previous Information: As befits the capital of the Systems Commonwealth, Tarn-Vedra is a planet of contrasts. While the coastal and mountain regions of Tarn-Vedra's three major continents are among the most heavily urbanized in known space, the planet's vast swaths of prairie, tundra and savanna stretch on uninterrupted for thousands of square miles. The cities of Tarn-Vedra house the headquarters for many of the Commonwealth's administrative bodies, including the High Guard, All Systems University and Ministry of Public Welfare. Meanwhile, the plains are where the many Vedran clans, herds and nations hold the festivals, ceremonies and mating games that have bound their culture together for untold millennia.



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