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Diphda V

Location: Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy
Diameter: 13,320 km
Water coverage: 17%
Climate: Tropical (greenhouse effect-induced)
Population: 3.5 billion (96% human, 4% miscellaneous)

Other Details: This heavily urbanized world has been a center of trade and commerce since the early days of the Commonwealth, owing to its excellent location at the nexus of several heavily-travelled Slipstream routes. This may account for why the Free Trade Alliance uses Diphda V as a major base of operations, plowing huge amounts of capital into the planet's reconstruction after the Nietzschean Uprising and subsequent chaos. Unfortunately, the rewards from these investments have been far from evenly spread, and Diphda V has become plagued in recent decades by extreme social stratification marked by extravagant wealth coexisting side by side with abject poverty. Industrial pollution is also unchecked on Diphda V, which suffers from undrinkable water (purified water is sold at a premium by FTA concessionaires), toxic air, and a runaway greenhouse effect which if unchecked will result in the planet becoming uninhabitable within the next century.



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