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New Krrendar
(see also: Krrendar)

Location: Lesser Magellanic Cloud
Diameter: 4,500 km
Water coverage: 0%
Climate: Artificial
Population: 245 million (99.8% Nightsider, .2% miscellaneous)
Update: If anything, conditions on New Krrendar have further deteriorated since the coming of the Long Night. The planet's warrens serve as a haven for bandits, slavers, grifters, and thugs of every conceivable variety. From CY 10078-10080, New Krrendar fell under the spell of the cargo cult-like religion of Gerentology. But when its adherents discovered that Gerentology more closely resembled a giant pyramid scheme with its founder Gerentex at the top collecting money from his devotees, the religion collapsed and Gerentex fled New Krrendar, one step ahead of a lynch mob.

Previous Information: Not a planet at all, but the third moon orbiting the seventh planet in the Krrendar system, New Krrendar began as a hastily dug network of tunnels intended to house large numbers of Nightsider refugees for a short period of time. But due to the resistance of many other worlds to accept Nightsider resettlement colonies, New Krrendar slowly became a permanent settlement, despite its desolate nature and complete unsuitability to Nightsider biological needs. Now New Krrendar is honeycombed with an interlaced network of tunnels, caverns and domed habitats with an unfortunate reputation for poverty and lawlessness.


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