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Political Formations of the
Post-Commonwealth Era


The People of the Way is a religion made up of those who follow the teachings of the Anointed, the Magog prophet who founded this faith based on an amalgamation of human philosophies. By and large, the Wayists are peaceful, generous beings of many species, striving always to do good and follow in the path of the Anointed. The Wayists are led by the Anointed's successor, the Keeper of the Way. The current Keeper, Vision of Faith VII, is an Amber Than who has reigned for almost twenty years. By all accounts Keeper Vision is deeply spiritual and true in her convictions. One of her primary goals is to overthrow the Than caste system.

The Wayist clergy is divided into many different orders. Andromeda's own resident Wayist, Rev Bem, belongs to the Society of Wisdom, an order of active proselytes and educators. Other orders include the contemplative Whisperers of Truth, the administrative Order of Unity, and the charitible Merciful Breath. Vision of Faith hails from the Merciful Breath, and since the Than's elevation, the Breath has been expanding its sphere of influence.


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