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Political Formations of the
Post-Commonwealth Era


The youngest and probably least powerful player in current interstellar politics is the New Systems Commonwealth, yet this fledgling entity has already made a major mark. This audacious attempt to restore the once-great Systems Commonwealth is largely the work of one man-Captain Dylan Hunt, a High Guard captain recently awakened from three centuries of temporal stasis. With his powerful starship the Andromeda Ascendant and a new crew, Captain Hunt is attempting to rebuild the Commonwealth by recruiting various worlds as well as setting a positive example through directly combating the chaos and lawlessness that reigns throughout most of Known Space. Captain Hunt and his New Commonwealth's accomplishments so far include smashing the Restorian terrorists, scattering the Nietzschean pirates of Orca Pride, protecting a Wayist outpost from slaver attacks, spearheading disaster relief on the Than world of Pythia, and brokering the merger of Jaguar and Sabra Prides. Still, the New Commonwealth is for now little more than one powerful warship and the signature of six worlds on a piece of paper (signatory worlds include Sinti, Castalia, Scheherazade Drift, Mobius, Schopenhauer and Enkindu). It remains to be seen whether it will prove to be yet another false hope of justice and peace, or a genuine resurrection of the Commonwealth's former glory.


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