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Political Formations of the
Post-Commonwealth Era


Always a proud and independent species, the Kalderans have taken advantage of the post-Commonwealth chaos to reassert their historic claim to much of the Greater Magellanic Cloud. Famous for their absolute commitment to democratic decision making at every level of their own society, the Kalderans have ironically proved themselves to be brutal suppressors of any and all rival governments within their self-proclaimed sphere of influence. For a time, the twenty world government of the Magellanic Alliance under the charismatic leadership of Doyen Isabella Ortiz managed to keep the Commune's forces at bay. But Alliance forces were routed in brutal fighting by the Commune's Popular Militia in CY 10078, which put an end to any thoughts of resisting Kalderan dominance.
Widely considered to be among the toughest fighters in Known Space, the Kalderans have since fought the Than, Nietzscheans, Magog, and other neighboring powers over matters ranging from trade disputes to perceived insults to Kalderan pride and sovereignty. Even the feared Drago-Kazov empire tends to give the Kalderan Commune a wide berth, leaving the Kalderans as undisputed masters of their territory.


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