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Political Formations of the
Post-Commonwealth Era


Little is known about the Consensus of Parts, other than its supposed existence as a vast machine empire based on the precepts of logic. The Consensus of Parts is believed to be run by Artificial Intelligences which are formed by networking its many machine and organic intelligences. In fact, many parts of the Consensus are not, in and of themselves, sentient. These small drones, nanites and other micro-machines spend most of their lives simply going about their pre-programmed business. But when intelligent decision making is necessary, a large number of these components network with each other. Millions, even billions of different machines interlink, forming the temporary Consensi which give the C.O.P. its name. As observed, these Consensi are fully sentient, capable of complex reasoning and decision making. But as with many artificial intelligence entities, the decisions made by the C.O.P. can seem terrifyingly cold and ruthless to organic observers.



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