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Political Formations of the
Post-Commonwealth Era


The Pride that spearheaded the Nietzschean Uprising and the destruction of the Systems Commonwealth remains a force to be reckoned with three centuries later. While many once-proud Prides have fallen on hard times or even gone extinct in the post-Fall chaos, the Drago-Kazov have prospered and even expanded their power, usually at the expense of others. With their economic base of hundreds of slave and tribute worlds, the Dragans maintain the largest war fleet in the Known Worlds, and have shown themselves to be all to willing to use it against outside enemies as well as to repress own subject populations. Aside from their well-known campaign of territorial conquest against the Than Hegemony, the Dragans have also seized a number of nonaligned worlds and even made moves against their ancient rivals, the Jaguars (see Sabra-Jaguar Pride, below).And since their seizure of Drago Museveni's sacred remains from the Kodiak, the Drago-Kazov leadership has made several attempts to claim leadership of the entire Nietzschean race, but efforts to reunite the Prides have so far proved unsuccessful.


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