Political Formations

The Systems Commonwealth Government

From its ancient foundations as the fearsome Vedran Empire, the Systems Commonwealth has grown and evolved over the millennia into the beacon of freedom, justice and prosperity we know today. Fiercely proud of our heritage and traditions, the Commonwealth looks unflinchingly toward a horizon of even greater progress and achievement and welcomes the contribution you and your world will make to that future.

The Commonwealth is a representative monarchy with Vedran Empress Sucharitkul XII reigning as figurehead and titular head of state. While our Empress is revered as a living symbol of our heritage and shared values, in practice executive power is wielded by the Triumveres - a trio of executive officers who are popularly elected by the Commonwealth citizenry and are eligible to serve two 10 year terms. The current Triumvirate is composed of Spring Rivers Flowing of Ska-San-Re, Amal Lahoud of Earth and H�hne the Compiler of Sparborth IV.

Commonwealth citizens also participate in their government via the Conclave, our tricameral legislative body. The Conclave's three subdivisions include the Voice of the Sectors, to which each sector sends three representatives, The Voice of the Worlds, to which each member world elects a number of representatives proportional to its population and The Voice of the People, in which every citizen of the Commonwealth is entitled to vote - either in person, by proxy or by absentee ballot.

And while most legal matters are handled by local judiciaries, those which cross-planetary jurisdictions are ultimately settled by the Chamber of Arbiters whose 12 members are appointed by the Conclave and serve one 15 year term.

However, wherever possible the Commonwealth prefers to leave governance in the hands of its individual member worlds. Provided they adhere to the Commonwealth charter and Universal Declaration of Sentient Rights, societies are free to choose the form of government that best meets the needs of their citizens. As a result, one sees a wide variety of governmental forms across the far-flung reaches of Commonwealth, from the meritocratic bureaucracy of the Perseids to the Than caste system to the Kaldera Commune. And no doubt your own world's unique style of governance will find its place in the beautiful mosaic of societies that united form the Systems Commonwealth.



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