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Glossary of High Guard

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PASSIVE SENSORS: Used to look at the EM spectrum for outputs from the enemy ship. Forms of passive sensing include using your eyes, looking through a telescope or electronically. Other passive sensors can look at different frequencies such as Infrared, the spectrum in which heat radiates.

PHASED-ARRAY SENSORS: Large fields of small active sensor transceivers which allow for wider scanning swaths and more sensitive target detection in high threat, high noise environments.

POINT DEFENSE LASER: A laser in the 30 to 50 megawatt range used to shoot down incoming missiles, fighters and drones. Also used by fighters who come in close contact with the enemy (1 to 3 light seconds) to cause damage to enemy ships.

PRIMARY NODE: The core processing engine of sentient High Guard artificial intelligence entities; the core of any distributed computer system.

PULSED PLASMA GUN (PPG): Similar to an X-ray laser (see X-ray laser) or point defense laser. A PPG requires less energy, but uses a consumable commodity.

RAD-HARD: A term used to describe an item, which has been hardened to radiation.

REDUCE THE GAIN: A CCM used against jamming. A ship reducing the gain on its sensors is equivalent to wearing sunglasses. When a ship does this it can easily see the jamming device, although it still can't easily see the other ships in the area.


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