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The High Guard Military Science

The past three centuries have seen an explosion in armed conflict-between governments, mercenaries, Magog raiders, terrorists, pirates, slavers, privateers, and any number of armed formations. The known worlds are currently awash in a flood of cheap gauss guns, plasma mines, attack nanobots, and other easily-used, mass-produced implements of death. And in the Darwinian universe of the post-Fall, the strong are all too willing to turn their weapons on the weak, with predictably lethal results.
The only restraint on the carnage has been the general degradation of war fighting capability since the days of the High Guard. Standing armies, nuclear warheads, and armed spacecraft are all expensive, and few of the remaining governments have economies strong enough to field large fleets and armies. Also, the general level of military technology has declined substantially during the Long Night. Warship armor, ECM and stealth technology aren't what they used to be, the capability to build nova bombs has been lost altogether.
Only a few areas of military tech have shown significant advances- notably the shockingly advanced Point Singularity Projector used by the mysterious bounty hunter Jeger, and the powered combat armor favored by some units of the Knights of Genetic Purity.

For historical and research purposes, we've retained an information database on the former High Guard-at one time the most powerful military organization in the known worlds, now only a memory…with one notable exception. Under the leadership of the Andromeda Ascendant, efforts are being made to rebuild the Systems Commonwealth and train and equip a new High Guard. The program is still in its embryonic stage, so until the program bears fruit, consider this section a reminder of the greatness and strength in arms that once was-and may be again someday.


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