A Commonwealth Timeline

The Imperial Era

112 BIE (Before Imperial Era): A team of Vedran scientists led by master sage Rochinda discovers the slipstream, ushering in a new age of faster than light space travel. Rochinda foresees the slipstream being used for the peaceful exploration and colonization of other worlds.

0 CY (Coronation Year, later Commonwealth Year): General Huascar nax Yoweri's campaign of conquest across the Six Galaxies culminates in the foundation of the Vedran Empire, with Huascar's mate Yoweri I named Empress. Over the centuries, the Empire grows from 2,000 worlds to nearly a million, including colonies, outposts and drifttowns and Yoweri's personal retainers form the nucleus of the High Guard.

859 CY: A High Guard ship falls into the hands of the Kaldera, who use it to reverse-engineer slipstream technology.

870 CY: The Kaldera Alliance is formed to resist Vedran encroachment. Over the next decade, the Alliance successfully pushes the Empire out of the Lesser Magellanic Cloud.

895 CY: The Kaldera war ends with the High Guard conquest and occupation of Kalderash and dissolution of the Alliance.

1550 CY: The Jeath homeworld is absorbed into the Vedran Empire.

2937 CY: Vedran Empress Yoweri XXIII dies without producing a female heir, triggering the War of Succession. The war lasts 60 years and devastates more than 1,000 worlds.

3336 CY: The High Guard conquers Ugroth, the Perseid homeworld. Once absorbed, the industrious Perseids quickly rise to important positions in the Imperial bureaucracy.

3812 CY: Makrai VII is peacefully absorbed into the Empire.



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