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Combat Systems

Shrike class strike fighter
This is a Shrike class High Guard tactical fighter, one of over 60,000 in its class. In its various forms, the Shrike can be crewed, remotely piloted, or flown by its internal AI. These deadly little fighters are found throughout the Commonwealth protecting starships, planets, and orbital Guard Stations alike.

Weapon Systems and Platforms

RA-26 Shrike strike fighters
The Shrike is a fearsome high-speed attack craft used to support medium to long range anti-starship strike operations. Although not as maneuverable as a tactical fighter, the true advantage of the Shrike is its ability to put steel on target while avoiding retribution from hostile assets. It also provides the Group Operational Commander with the flexibility to hit the enemy from a number of angles at a tempo of his/her own choosing. The Shrike is equipped with a single AP cannon and 3 ELS tubes which can fire up to 6 PM-6 Star Arrow smart missiles. Like the Centaur, it can be controlled either from the cockpit or remotely, though the Shrike requires both a pilot and a weapons officer in either mode.



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