Combat Support Ships

Low Observable Scout (LOS)Major TomClass

The Major Tom class Low Observable Scout is a small, lightly manned surveillance and electronic attack platform designed to mount C2W and INT operations inside a hostile sphere of control. Scouts often fly along with fighter craft on strike missions in order to provide additional "eyes and ears" for the squadron, as well as a high-powered jamming capability. These assets are equipped with a specially enhanced ES/A-9R package, a hyper-spectral scanner, a single PDL turret and a crew of three. In addition, the LOS is largely self-sufficient, capable of independent operations for weeks at a time without resupply or maintenance.

Supply and Maintenance Ship (SAM)Fingers of Dawn Class
The Fingers of Dawn class Supply and Maintenance Ship is the primary logistics and mobility support ship for the HCBG and the PRG. These assets never operate outside of a battlegroup, and rarely transit between theaters without an armed escort. Possessed of little in the way of self-defense systems beyond a few PDL turrets, the SAM is nonetheless one of the most important strategic components of the Argosy.

Interplanetary Mine Hunter (IMH)Seven Pillars Class
The Seven Pillars class Mine Hunter is designed to seek out and destroy pre-positioned threats to both HCBG and PRG assets. Deployed as needed based on the operational scenario, IMHs run in packs of four. The packs work as if they are a single asset, performing detailed searches of any perceived threat area with highly sensitive hyper-spectral imaging and synthetic aperture sensors. They are equipped with modified versions of the DM-5 defensive kinetic kill missile which can safely detonate mines from a distance.

Low Observable Special Warfare Ship (LSW)Asceticism of Action Class
The Asceticism of Action class Special Warfare Ship is a small, fast troop insertion and reconnaissance vessel designed to infiltrate behind the forward edge of the battle area (FEBA) or deep inside hostile territory. Information on the sensor and weapons load-outs for these assets are currently unavailable for public release.

Light Patrol Craft (LPC)
Non-Slipstream capable planetary defense craft that supplement and augment Home Guard defensive capabilities. LPCs are usually equipped with a single ELS tube, several DM-5 defensive kinetic kill missiles and a crew of 10 or fewer. Several sub-classes of LPC are in use throughout the Commonwealth, depending on the particulars of the operational environment. LPCs are very fast, highly maneuverable and operate most often in squadrons of eight.

Heavy Patrol Craft (HPC)
Similar to the light craft, but equipped with 2 ELS tubes and an AP Gun turret. HPCs carry a crew complement between 20 and 30 sentients and usually serve as the command ship for a squadron of LPCs. Like the LPC, several sub-classes of the HPC are in use throughout the Commonwealth, and each can be used as an additional medium-range sensor platform by an HCBG or PRG during combat operations.

Systems Courier Ship (SCU)Alactritous Missive Class
The Alactritous Missive class Courier Ship is the foundation upon which timely inter-system military communications are built and maintained. The couriers are fast, low observable assets equipped with a single PDL turret and a crew of two. Unarmed civilian variants service the Commonwealth as a whole. These vessels can be temporarily commissioned into service during an emergency by a Group Operational Commander or the commander of an Argosy asset conducting independent operations.

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